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Dude, Please?

So I’ve been listening to a lot of new music on soundcloud. Leaving a lot of comments, on all the tracks that I like. Everyone has reacted positively to my comments by replying on my page and following me. I have been chatting away to these new followers and they are all so cool.

But of course, someone is always out to ruin the party. I have just had some guy with like 1 follower give me a lecture on how to run a successful Soundcloud page. This was my comment that seemed to offend him:

"Nice track! Proper good production you got here! Please come check out some of my tracks. It would be much appreciated"

And this is the reply I received:

-that’s how you get fake fans, buddy. Don’t do it.

Do me a favour, FUCK OFF. These “fake” fans have been really supportive. I have had so much positive things come out of meeting these new people.

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